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Located in Hershey PA,  Kaleidoscope Counseling Center is a privately-owned outpatient mental health care practice, committed to providing clients with a positive counseling experience and dedicated to helping them live happier lives. Serving adults and adolescents, services range from individual brief counseling to long-term therapy, group therapy for adults and adolescents, and

life coaching. We are in-network with several insurance companies, provide superbills for out-of-network companies, and offer private pay options, as well.


Why "Kaleidoscope"?

Kaleidoscope comes from Greek words meaning “beautiful form to see”

and they are representative of so many wonderful things!

First, they are proof that beauty, harmony, and balance can result from shattered fragments, chaos, and even ordinary objects. Second, the mechanism by which this change comes about is simply a mirror—when the pieces are angled in a certain way, the mirror reflects back the beauty of what’s already there. Furthermore, all kaleidoscopes work the same way—even the most seemingly complicated-looking kaleidoscope just requires the seeker to make a shift and then stand with his or her face to the light.

So, in a sense, a kaleidoscope is a metaphor for counseling: to create harmony, balance, and beauty out of chaos, brokenness, or the commonplace, you first need to initiate a shift—and then stand with your face to the light.

All people have the necessary “pieces” to reach their kaleidoscope potential—but they may not know how to angle those pieces in the right way to reflect their best selves. Sometimes, they get lost, or are too afraid, or stand in their own way and can’t face the light.  You have the power to say, "This is not how my story will end" because you have the power to make a change. At Kaleidoscope Counseling Center, we are committed to bringing about your desired change—if you have the courage and are ready to initiate the shift, we are here and ready to help you stand with your face to the light.


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