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Contact Us

Although you cannot schedule an appointment directly through this website, please feel free to reach out by using the contact form below, by emailing me directly at ,or by leaving me a message at 717-606-2727. Please know that I am aware that taking this step takes courage and that I recognize that you would like to speak with someone, as soon as possible. I appreciate your contact and will make every effort to reply to your inquiry by the end of the day. Once we have established contact, I will send you information regarding next steps, as well as a link to a HIPAA secure portal.

I am honored that you are considering working with me and hope you find that I can meet your needs.

I look forward to meeting with you and am excited to begin our work together!

                               Contact Us

Thank you for reaching out. I will contact you shortly!!

Kaleidoscope Counseling Center is located at 1335 E. Chocolate Avenue and is open by appointment only. 

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