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  • Are you wondering how the life you’re living is so different than the life you dreamed of?

  • Are you experiencing challenges like impaired or unfulfilling relationships, professional setbacks, or a new life stage?

  • Are you crippled with the anxiety and self-doubt that can make getting through each day a challenge? 

  • Do you have a sense of emptiness (even though your life is full) or has your life become unmanageable (or chaotic)? 

  • Do you recognize that something is holding you back but have no idea what it is—or maybe, know what it is but have no idea how to make the changes you need?

If you answered "yes" to any of the above questions, you may find that counseling will be helpful to you.

At Kaleidoscope Counseling Center, my focus is to increase your self-awareness and develop your insight so you can have a clear perspective about what is happening in your life. I use an integrative counseling approach that includes principles of psychodynamic theory and strategies from cognitive behavioral therapy, interpersonal therapy and positive psychology (among others). We will explore your past, to learn how some of your “psychological triggers” developed and became personal roadblocks, but we will focus on the present, your future, and your personal growth. I am an empathetic and intuitive counselor who will individualize different approaches to help you understand how your life experiences have led you to where you are, and I will help you develop the perspective and skills you need to lead a more a satisfying life.

Study after study shows that the most important factor in having a positive treatment outcome is the therapeutic relationship. We must be a “good fit” for each other, but we must also work to develop a strong therapeutic alliance; this means that we learn to trust each other so that real change is possible.

I provide a safe environment where adolescents and adults can explore their painful feelings and experiences, without judgement. Your personal narrative is important. Listening and really hearing my clients is an active process; I will listen to what you say but also work hard to understand what you’re not saying and why. I will encourage you to drop your public persona while we are meeting and I promise to be my most genuine and authentic self, with you. I also believe that what happens during our sessions is important and I will take the time to address and process anything that I feel is of value to your progress. In this way, the trusting relationship that is so essential to effective counseling will develop. 


Of course, helping you realize your personal strengths and recognize your potential is one of my goals--all good therapists, and most good friends, will work towards this--but I will also gently challenge you to consider how you may be contributing to the issues you’re facing. I have found this combination of support, empowerment, and constructive feedback to be a powerful agent for change.

Life can be painful and we can feel broken; life can be chaotic and we can feel confused--but things don't have to end like this for you--your circumstances can still result in harmony, beauty, and balance. Change is always possible. It is an active process and requires work from both of us but only you have the power to initiate the change process. Take that first step in initiating your shift and get ready to finally “stand with your face to the light”. I will be honored if you choose to take this journey with me, however, if you are hesitant about beginning therapy or unsure if I can help you meet your goals, I offer an in-person pre-therapy consultation session. Or continue browsing this site and use the form below to ask any questions, gain more information, or request a session, or by accessing the"Contact Us" page. 

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